Security Control Room In Johannesburg | D & D Tactical Security Services

Control Room Monitoring

Our state of the art 24 hour Control Room offers the services of monitoring all Security Alarm Systems with all the different types of signals.These can inturn be transmitted back to our client via our GSM network ensuring that you are aware of any activations the second that they occour.The capability of our CCTV off site monitoring system allows us to monitor CCTV cameras at our clients Businesses, Streets and Homes located anyware in South Africa and see them live as the events unfold. We also monitor moving vehicles with CCTV camera survailance sutiable for Cash in Transit and or Hi-risk Vehicles. Tracking Systems are also installed in our control room and are fitted to our entire fleet in order for us to manage there location and every move.

Alarm Monitoring


  • In the event of a hold-up situation and the client is forced to disarm the alarm system, they can do so by entering a special code(Duress code) which will disarm the system and at the same time send a Duress signal to the control room to notify the control of the hold up.
  • A Duress signal is the highest priority signal received through the alarm system. In this instance we will dispatch as many vehicles available. This signal will be received as a priority code 1


  • In the event of a Panic signal received in the control room a vehicle is dispatched immediately. No calls will be made to the client in this event. Once the reaction officer arrives on site, he will assess the situation. If necessary he will call for back-up. Once the situation looks under control he will insist on making contact with the client to ensure that the client is not in danger. The reaction officer will also ask the client to address him in a place where the reaction officer can see them and make personal contact with the client. He will also ask for identity.


  • In the event of Burglary signal, the system will notify the control room of the exact location of the burglary event. The operator will call the premises to verify if the situation requires a reaction team. At the same time the control room operator will send the reaction vehicle, if the client is happy and it is a false alarm the operator will then ask for your secret ID code.

AC Loss/ Low Battery

  • In the event of a power failure our radio transmitter waits for a period of 15 minutes. Once the AC has not been restored it will send an AC loss signal to the control room, the system will automatically send the client a sms to notify them of the AC loss.
  • If the AC loss has been for a long period and the alarm system battery is now low on voltage the system will send the control room a Low battery signal which will also send a sms to the client and the control room will notify one of the responsible key holders and dispatch the reaction vehicle.


  • The system will send the open (Disarm) and Closing (Arm) every time the alarm system arms or disarms. All events will be automatically recorded in the history. The system will also keep record of the User (User1) arming and Disarming the system.