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CCTV Surveillance Systems

D&D Tactical are leaders in this field where we monitor CCTV camera installations live in our control room. We currently monitor a large variety of installations including domestic households, Town house complexes, shops, businesses, large industrial installations, streets, and entire suburbs. This state of the art surveillance technology is used in large cities like London, New York and now available through D&D Tactical.

CCTV Monitoring

  • Our CCTV monitoring centre is state of the art and is upgraded continuously.
  • Our CCTV control room servers monitor all DVR systems on our network to ensure that all our sites are active and working and have a healthy status on all systems.
  • Our CCTV control room servers also monitors the status of all cameras on all sites allowing the control room the ability to know if any of the cameras are not functioning.
  • The CCTV monitoring software is designed to monitor the cameras when an event takes place which assists the control room operator to view only necessary events.