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About Us

About D&D Tactical

An exclusively South African owned company, and with its head office in Glenvista , South of Johannesburg, we at D&D TACTICAL SECURITY SERVICES understand the daily strife and instability experienced by our clients. Crime and, consequently, the concern for the safety of our businesses, ourselves, staff and our families seems to be a constant part of our lives, forever invading our already stressful lifestyles. We are therefore, committed to ensuring the security and peace of mind of our clients.

With the different crime trends and methods used by criminals today we have to keep up with different techniques, methods and equipment to combat crime. At D&D Tactical security services we have large range of security solutions and although no situation is the same we would be able to customize a solution according to each location or situation. Such tactics include traditional security services as well as a range of specialized products and services designed to meet the customer's individual requirements. 

Our Tactical response units our proactive approach to safeguarding your community, as well as you as an individual has proven highly effective. Since the introduction of our services in the Glenanda, Glenvista, Oakdene, Mulbarton, Liefde en Vrede and Bassonia areas, our clients have experienced a decrease in crime in their Neighborhoods.

With our innovative and technologically advanced methods, we aim to deter criminal activity and avoid any incidents in your home and business. These include the deployment of sophisticated security surveillance equipment in and around designated locations in your business. And as crime is not time-specific, these services are executed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via our state of the art control room.

All of the above-mentioned security strategies are made possible by the very passionate and dedicated team at D&D Tactical. Our people are positive, action oriented, self-motivated and are continuously recognized for their professionalism, reliability and effectiveness. We guarantee excellent service and will go to extreme lengths to ensure our clients are experiencing a crime-free and safe environment. Aside from our everlasting proactive attitude, our team is extensively trained and practically experienced. In accordance with our extremely high standards, D&D TACTICAL employs former police and military personnel and a highly trained technical staff. Behind the scenes are our equally trained controllers who coordinate and monitor our CCTV surveillance cameras, which are strategically situated to ensure constant and complete coverage of your business, home or street.

D&D TACTICAL is constantly finding ways of improving and enhancing our already efficient operations by being actively aware of new technologies that arise, as well as the current situations of our society. By being proactive and progressive, we intend on entering into a lasting relationships with our clients. Your satisfaction and safety are our number one priorities. We hope that you will join our rapidly growing business and see for yourself why many clients have chosen to have us secure them .

Thank you

Andrew Ledwick
CEO D&D Tactical